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An Unhelpful Guide to Wagner’s Ring

Source: An Unhelpful Guide to Wagner’s Ring

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Friendship and Gender: Perspectives of Professional Men and Women

Same- and cross-sex friendships of 156 professional men and women were investigated using a self-report questionnaire consisting of rating scales and open-ended questions. Results indicated that while both sexes viewed the characteristics of an ideal friendship in similar ways, their actual experiences of friendships differed. Women’s same-sex friendships were rated higher for overall quality, intimacy, enjoyment and nurturance. Men, on the other hand, rated their cross-sex friendships higher in these areas, with the exception of intimacy which was rated the same by men in both same- and cross-sex friendships. Cross-sex friendships provided both sexes with new understandings and perspectives of the opposite sex. Both sexes generally kept their friendships and sexual relationships separate though sexual feelings and tensions still existed in many cross-sex friendships. These results are similar to findings from studies with college students, indicating that women’s participation in professional roles has not resulted in dramatic changes in friendship patterns. Gender differences in same- and cross-sex friendships remain strong, despite new career roles for women.

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‘Status Update’ Review at Reading The Pictures


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what is your best moment in life


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    We have come too far to see things for ourselves let us make thing out of things that people call on wanted-ed stuffs let us be as best as we can to work out things my friends

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what do you think of at most

we all have our own way of doing things what do you like best,what do you hate most, what is that you think that makes you cry;

  • try finding out your best moment in life and with who did you share it with  and who would you want to share it with
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